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The latest LinkedIn data from 2017 has included looking at the types of jobs and employers m...

The latest LinkedIn data from 2017 has included looking at the types of jobs and employers most in demand from college and university graduates. Thousands of people graduate from colleges and universities each year, ready to take their first big step onto the career ladder. So what types of roles are they pursuing?

The two most popular roles graduates are looking for are quite different in field; Software Engineer and Administrative Assistant. Software engineer is not a huge surprise as it’s one of the most in-demand and well paid skills employers are looking for. While it generally requires a computer science background, other STEM subjects such as engineering can also lead into software development. Given the tech boom, working in software is also a reliable choice with no shortage of roles available. Administrative assistant is also an unsurprising choice as it’s a common first step to take into a business or organization. As a widely available entry-level role requiring little experience, many graduates start out in administrative posts.

The one we’re most interested in, for obvious reasons, is the third most popular choice of Account Executive. Account Manager also came in in 9th place and in 4th place, Recruiter was also a popular choice. Just three of the top ten would be considered STEM jobs and of the remainder, all but the Administrative Assistant are rather business-centric roles. Despite their limited (or even non-existent) experience of the workplace, it appears graduates are making some financially-informed choices for their first step into employment.

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