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Your Pareto Candidate Journey

Learn more about our candidate experience journey and discover how our candidate recruitment team goes beyond your resume to kickstart your entry-level career.

We enhance entry-level careers with entry-level jobs

At Pareto, we don’t just find you an entry-level job. Instead, we match you to your perfect role and support you with training and development to help you progress in your entry-level career and to help you realize your potential.

What sets our candidate journey apart from other candidate recruitment agencies is that we also offer training as a standard. This training allows you to get off to a flying start with the support you need to make a big impact and be successful in your entry-level career. Our candidate experience journey has been crafted with more than 25 years of experience and has been tailored to help entry-level talent achieve their career goals and objectives. 

Beyond the credentials

One significant selling point of our candidate journey is that we go further when it comes to discovering your potential. We don't believe in using an applicant's resume as the primary basis for determining their worth. That's why we specialize in comprehensive screening and assessment, using competency-based methods to gain the complete picture of your sales potential. Then, we match those competencies to our clients' entry-level jobs for a perfect fit.

Taking you further

When it comes to taking your entry-level career further, we're in it for the long run. We will support, nurture and mentor you every step of the way. Our free training and development equip you with all the foundational skills required to hit the ground running in your entry-level job. In addition, we offer sales accreditation and qualifications, bringing you the recognition you need to get ahead in the world of sales.

We have access to the best global entry-level jobs

At Pareto, we promise to deliver you the most extensive list of entry-level jobs, supporting all college leavers from the foundation of their entry-level careers through to becoming future sales leaders for the US’ best and fastest growing entry-level employers. See our global stats below.

entry-level sales job applications per year
entry-level assessment days run per month
over 2000 entry-level talent placed every year

What is an Assessment Day?

An assessment day is part of our candidate experience journey and is our unique approach to recruiting candidates for entry-level jobs. The goal is to match the right candidate to the right position. Our assessment days are unique because they go much further than an interview alone. Using many methods to seek out skills and competencies, they offer the employer a chance to see how compatible you are with their company and role. We urge candidates to use the day to show what they’re made of and capable of achieving.

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The Pareto Assessment Day

We welcome thousands of entry-level talent every year to our assessment days. Our assessment days typically come under one of two different categories:

  • Open assessment days: held at either our New York office or on Zoom. Our open assessment days welcome entry-level candidates who have applied for specific positions and those simply looking to enter the world of sales and start their entry-level careers.

  • Client assessment days: these assessment days are tailored to a specific company that is usually looking for several entry-level candidates to join an existing sales team. 

Ran by our team of experienced entry-level Managers and Recruitment Specialists, no two assessment days are ever the same. Instead, we identify those core competencies and skills that will help you succeed in the sales world.

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Realize your potential through our candidate journey

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