Entry-level tech industry jobs

Entry-level tech jobs

Go beyond your resume and kickstart your journey with an entry-level tech career.

We can kickstart your entry-level tech career

At Pareto, we assess, place, and train entry-level tech talent in sales roles in some of the global technology industry's most impressive and exciting businesses. Our specialist technology recruiters have access to top entry-level tech sales jobs in sectors ranging from Fintech to Telecommunications, Data Analytics to Cyber Security, and more. 

Our extensive experience in entry-level tech training and recruitment has allowed us to establish an impressive client base allowing emerging STEM talent to kickstart their entry-level tech careers. With your talent and our expertise, we can form a partnership to help you realize your potential.

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Why use technology recruiters?

We recognize getting your foot in the door of an immensely competitive technology industry can be challenging. However, with access to the world’s top entry-level tech jobs, we have the resources to place you in a broad range of roles with a wide variety of the world’s fastest-growing tech companies. From technology industry giants like Adobe and Oracle to exciting startups, as a leading technology recruitment agency, we can dip into our pool of clients to place you in your dream entry-level technology jobs.

Our technology recruiters will not only help you find the right entry-level tech jobs in sales to advance your career, but we’ll also equip you with the essential skills you need to excel in your new role. All our successfully placed technology candidates receive at least nine training days to bring them up to scratch on all customer-facing and problem-solving abilities. With the right skills in your toolkit, you’ll head into your entry-level tech job feeling confident and ready to handle corporate colleagues and clients seamlessly. With the added advantage of our training and ongoing support, we’ll ensure you hit the ground running in your new company.

The benefits of using a tech recruitment agency

At Pareto, we have over 25 years of experience in the recruitment sector. Over the last two decades, we’ve grown our client base to help place the most promising tech talent within the most exciting companies worldwide.

We give you access to some of the most notable organizations in the technology industry. Additionally, our training can have a transformational effect on your career, giving you a chance to excel from your very first day.

Give your entry-level tech career a boost and explore tech recruitment with Pareto.

What is an Assessment Centre?

An assessment center is just a different approach to recruiting candidates for an entry-level job role. The outcome is the same - we match the right candidate to the right position. However, our assessment centers differ because we offer a comprehensive and in-depth approach that goes much further than an interview alone. 

We combine several methods to seek out skills and competencies of tech talent during our candidate assessment days to offer the potential employer a chance to see how you could fit into their company and role. Our assessment days also allow you to showcase what you’re made of and your current capabilities.

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Are you a talented individual trying to get a head start in the exciting and rapidly growing world of the technology industry? If so, we can help. 

At Pareto, our technology recruiters lend their expertise to sourcing the top entry-level tech jobs in the global market. In addition, we will work closely with you to understand your personal and professional goals and objectives so that we can tailor a solution best suited to your entry-level tech career aspirations. 

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