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With the new year comes a wave of motivation, reflection and often a desire to mix things up...

With the new year comes a wave of motivation, reflection and often a desire to mix things up. If you are feeling like you need a change in career direction, you've reached your full potential or you want to try and add some new tools to your skill set- a new job could be the solution. 

It's important to consider exactly what your pain points are with your current role and the things you aren't willing to compromise on. It may seem like there is only one direction your career can go, only a small set of titles and limited salary. This is when it is time to consider something that perhaps hasn't crossed your mind before: sales. 

There are a huge number of opinions and myths around a career in sales, often leading to a lack of interest or stigma around the field. A career in sales actually has alot to offer any jobseeker, including the following:

1. Sales builds on your core competency skills. Communication, interpersonal skills, confidence, efficiency, time management, relationship management- you name it. A career in this field may force you out of your comfort zone a little but in terms of the personal rewards, it is unrivalled. There is no job in the world that doesn't benefit from excellent communication and people management skills! 

2. Lucrative. If you want a role where your potential is uncapped and your salary is dependent on the work you put in, sales is a fantastic option. This career path can lead to unexpected heights and success based on the amount of dedication you have for your role and your product. 

3. Networking and connections. A career in sales opens you up to a world of connections, industries and companies. You will be constantly learning, travelling, meeting new people and exploring in a sales role. 

4. Progression. It's been said that the fastest route to progression in any company is through either finance or sales. They give you the opportunity to prove your skills in a tangible way very quickly, which can quickly lead to a place at the top. 

You don't need to have previous experience in Sales to be good at it or to get a fantastic job. If you have the skill set to build upon and the tenacity to challenge yourself, get in touch with us today.

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