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The world of sales is constantly changing, never static, but nowhere is this more true than ...

The world of sales is constantly changing, never static, but nowhere is this more true than in the world of tech sales. With disruptive new technologies coming to market all the time, tech sales people have to adapt on the job, whether that’s with regards to the products and services they’re selling or those they’re working with.

As technical sales demands have grown in recent years, companies have begun to appreciate the importance in having specialists in these roles. Whether they’re bringing in specialist sales people through IT & technical sales recruitment drives or building for the future with apprentices in technical salesthe demand for people with the know how to succeed in tech sales roles has increased as technology develops and expands.

Having a technical sales specialist is crucial to bringing in new business and expanding sales teams to cope with changing demands in technology. For those with a technical background, working in sales can help them forge a new career in a fast-paced environment with rich opportunities.

Discover more about the world of tech sales and all you need to know about working in one of the most progressive industries around with Pareto. We’re experts in technical recruitment, bringing together a unique background of understanding the latest tech and interpersonal skills to find the ideal tech sales person.

What is the tech sales industry?

Tech sales is a fairly new industry that developed in reaction to the advent of new industries like FinTech and software as a service (SaaS), among others. This change in demand meant sales professionals with new skills were needed – those with specialised, technical knowledge of both products and software.

A technical sales job focuses on communicating effectively with customers to sell the value of tech products and services. It’s about understanding the customers’ needs and pain points and being able to effectively articulate why and how a piece of technology could add value to their business. Whether that’s selling cloud solutions to B2B audiences or impactful IT solutions to consumers, the need for specialised knowledge and a persuasive, friendly manner is paramount.

A role in tech sales also means being able to constantly stay on top of any and all changes in the world of tech. It’s an incredibly reactive role that means you need to always have an ear to the ground to ensure your knowledge is fresh and up to date. Tech sales people also need to be able to answer tech-based questions and effectively communicate information to both the sales team and customers in terms they understand, remembering that not everyone has the same technical brain.

Types of technical sales jobs

Technical sales jobs can come in many forms, from a graduate straight out of university brimming with natural technical flair, to someone who has spent years working in IT who is seeking a change in career. Here are just a few examples of the types of roles required in a modern sales team.

Software tech sales graduate

Many tech start-up companies will be looking for graduates with an interest in technology to sell a range of software products to businesses. Usually offering a progressive training scheme as well as hands-on experience, this role is a great stepping-stone into the industry that makes the most of the tech skills modern grads have grown up with.

IT sales executive

IT sales roles can cover both B2C and B2B sectors and require both technical knowledge and strong sales skills. The role means you need to be switched on to all aspects of the customer journey, including:

  • Pre-sales – Understanding the customer’s needs and sharing your specialised knowledge.
  • Sales – Making a case for why the customer needs the technical product and offering a solution that suits both parties.
  • Post-sales – Keeping in touch with the customer to provide additional technical support, a vital part of the process when dealing with complicated technologies.

B2B technical sales manager

With specialist knowledge in a sector, such as FinTech, and previous experience in both tech and traditional sales, technical sales managers are a vital cog in any business, leading the team and driving the change in reaction to evolving tech demands. In charge of managing a whole team, a tech sales manager’s responsibilities will include:

  • Creating and implementing a sales strategy
  • Finding new business developments and opportunities
  • Identifying gaps in the team and encouraging professional development through training
  • Strategising for new technologies and advancements
  • Monitoring sales productivity and success to improve ROI
  • Communicating with senior management through regular sales reports

Skills required to work in tech sales

When hiring for a technical sales role, it’s important to look for a unique blend of skills. It’s not the easiest to find, but at Pareto, we look out for those who are not just sales people, and not just technically minded, but who have a combination of both. We attract and place graduates that possess an important knowledge of technology coupled with strong soft skills to make for a super strong selling ability.

There are a few top skills to look out for when hiring for sales roles, including:

  • Technical product knowledge
  • Clear communication of technical information
  • Understanding of customer needs
  • Business-minded outlook
  • Awareness of new opportunities
  • Problem-solving

When it comes to hiring an IT and technical specialist, it’s important to find a balance between strong sales skills and sound technical knowledge.

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