Case Study

Uber Eats

How Uber evolved its value proposition and quickly scaled its team with Pareto Law

Uber Eats is Uber’s food delivery platform which makes getting food delivered from your favourite local restaurants as easy as requesting an ‘Ride’. The company began food delivery in August 2014 with the launch of the UberFRESH service in the States and in 2015, the platform was renamed to UberEATS, becoming the SaaS food delivery platform we know and recognise today.

Mitigating the Impact

The highstreet was hit hard with Coronavirus. Uber Eats stepped up to provide their customers with care and support. Reducing commission and waiving fees as part of an emergency package for partner restaurants. But they were affected as a business too - the lockdown restrictions had a large impact on the ‘Rides’ part of their business.

To mitigate the impact Uber significantly increased the ‘Eats’ part of their portfolio. Diversifying and reinforcing their value proposition. Evolving and strengthening their ‘Eats’ arm, even within a Global pandemic.

They have also made lots of changes to support the community – partnering with convenience stores to prevent queue times at supermarkets as well as Uber Pharma and Uber Boat.

But quick growth does come with some limitations, and by diversifying rapidly, Uber Eats needed a recruitment solution which was flexible, fast and efficient.

Uber Eats
Uber Eats

Uber Eats are unique. In 2020, not only did they grow but they doubled. Where restaurants were put under pressure to adapt, Uber Eats became a go-to for families at home, ordering their favourite take-aways and restaurant dishes. Helping support local restaurants and chains.

The Solution

Uber Eats needed a flexible solution which would allow them to grow comfortably. Opting for an outsourcing solution, they felt this would cater to their needs. Allowing them to scale, whilst being lockdown compliant.

Uber Eats chose to partner with Pareto Law for face-to-face Assessment Days across March - helping them quickly choose people for their team.

The days were a great success and Uber Eats have since hired 128 members of their team through this partnership.

The speed and flexibility gave Uber Eats the ability to reach ambitious targets, whilst being comfortable with the solution.