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Are you a recent graduate looking for a job in Toronto? Pareto USA goes beyond the border in placing the top percentage of graduate talent with top tier companies in Toronto. 

One of the Largest Cities in Canada

Toronto is a bustling city with many opportunities for university graduates. There are amazing opportunities for grads around every corner with more and more companies settling in the city.

The 6ix

Pareto’s mission is to empower people and businesses worldwide to unleash their potential. Our reach allows us to work with great companies in and out of the country. We place top 20% graduate talent into their dream roles.

Location Amenities

Restaurants and Eateries

Toronto has a mixture of classic restaurant dining such as brunch spots, classic Canadian cuisine and many globally inspired eats around the city as well. There is no shortage of cafes or shops with sweet treats and a variety of establishments with outdoor patio seating with great views of the city.


Toronto is a very trendy city giving way to many local thrifty stores inspired by the many cultures that have settled in the city. Notable places to shop are: Gerrard East, Bloor West Village, Little Portugal, and King Street West, all of which are host to their own wide range of high end stores and local mom and pop shops. 


The best way to get in, out and around Toronto is its public transit system. There are three modes of transit in Toronto: The subway, streetcars, and buses all of which are affordable commuting options to go from one end of the city to the next.

Sports and Entertainment

Toronto is home to many cultural art exhibits, sports teams, and events. The city is home to the beloved Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays, and Toronto Raptors, giving you a plethora of options on any given weekday or weekend to hit a game, concert, or event throughout the city. 

Bars and Nightlife

From vintage barcades to packed clubs Toronto is known for its nightlife. Iconic music venues, attractions like the hockey hall of fame, and more give way to a city where you’ll never be bored.

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